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Graphics 047

Before you go ahead, once again SPOILERS. I will talk about the end of the movie. I know it is an old one but still, it will ruin it if you haven't seen it already. So instead of checking the icons GO WATCH IT. :D

They were made for 20inspirations. Everyone this round went for complex icons as the theme was "epitome" but mines are... minimalistic. It is probably the reason I'll explain the icons a bit more this time. Maybe my subconscient wants to show minimal doesn't mean not complexed? I have no idea!
The coloring is different from the pimp colors I usually do. All the people around who ever tried to work on a Danny Boyle's movie know why :p Many Capa and Mace sorry they are my favorites. I added a few Cassie for hopeitallaway. Though, I tried to work with all the crew.
I'm sorry to look like I overthought this movie too much but I watched it a billions times and well I tend to overthink everything, specially when the cinematography is gorgeous.

01. Artist's Choice.
02. Epitome -> Mace: I chose a cap to express motion because Mace is always in motion. He's either moved emotionaly either moving a lot. The only moment of stillness he knows is when he died.
03. Epitome -> Kaneda: The fighter. I did him in blue for nobility.
04. Epitome -> Cassie: The innoncent, smiley one.

05. Epitome -> Searle: with sunglasses for his obsession about the sun. In black and white to contrast with the light of the sun (meaning of hope) but here in black and white because it leads to a tragedy.
06. Epitome -> Capa: Focus on his eyes because he's the narrator, the observer through the whole movie.
07. Artist's Choice.
08. Epitome -> Trey: his despair when he faced his mistake.

09. Words -> Death: Kaneda's death, disintegrated by the sun.
10. Words -> Close: Mace close up during the "talk" about sacrifying someone. He's close to take the decision.
11. Words -> Empty: Searle with sunburns after Kaneda's death. He looks like he simply doesn't care anymore about what's happening around him.
12. Words -> Engulf: Harvey engulfed in the oxygen garden of Icarus I.

13. Words -> Heart: Corazon in the oxygen garden (which is the heart of the ship).
14: Words -> Requiem: Cassie's last moment.
15: Artist's Choice.
16: Words -> Aftermath: After the whole series of events, the decision about sacrifying one of the crew members is taken and they are ready to apply it.

17: Words -> Ending: End of the last effort made to save everyone. Now they know they should decide to sacrifice someone.
18: Words -> Raw: Frozen Mace. He is still for the first time in the movie. Also an image on how decisions you take can make you being colder and colder ?
19: Artist's Choice.
20: Artist's Choice.


watch for updates!
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